Apply to be a Tutor!

Being a volunteer tutor at Kara Tutoring is a rewarding experience. We say that because you'll be helping financially disadvantaged students achieve their full potential by being able to attend college. Many of our students wouldn't be able to attend college unless they receive a scholarship, which is usually attained by a high exam scores. However, we aren't all about the score improvement. We aim to cultivate positive relationships with our students to encourage them for future success.

Learn more about the infinite possibilities and experiences to be had as a tutor in an article from Ampheros Media written by one of our tutors, Cheng-ying (Justin) Tsai. Click here to read "The Musings of a Tutor for Underpriviliged Kids".

Tutoring them was less of a job than a skill swap: for the measly price of telling them how to open a textbook the right way, they'd open our eyes to an overlooked corner of society.

Currently, we are looking for exemplary individuals who meet the following requirements:

1) You must commit to tutoring for at least four months. If you intend to quit after a couple of weeks, we respectfully ask you not to apply because we are only looking for long-term tutors.

2) You should have the following score(s)/grade(s) for the test(s) you wish to tutor. Please note: If your scores do not meet the requirements, that is okay! We are open to some flexibility.

TestScore / Grade
SAT (superscores accepted)1500+ total or 700+ in a section
ACT (superscores accepted)34+
SAT Subject Tests (except Math 2)700+
SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test750+
TestScore / Grade
IB (predictions accepted)6 or 7
GCSE / IGCSE / A Levels / AS Levels7+ / A or A*
Other National Secondary Education ExamsContact Us

3) You must have excellent communication skills. This includes having Discord, a Gmail, and being able to communicate with the team daily.

4) You MUST be a current high school student, taking a gap year between high school and university, or a current undergraduate student in university. If none of these criteria apply to you, the minimum qualifying age is 13, and the maximum qualifying age is 23.

5) You must write a paragraph about yourself. We don't focus on how well it was written. We just want to find out more about you! Your paragraph will only be viewed by the COO.

6) If you reach the next stage, the Diversity & Wellness Department will provide you with an introduction, and then you must pass a rigorous screening by a department member. If your performance is satisfactory, it becomes your responsibility to be available for an introduction call with your Tutoring Manager.

Please note that we holistically review your application and will contact you if you have reached the next stage of the admissions process.

If you need any assistance or have any concerns, please email us at

We are currently experiencing higher-than-normal application volume. We ask for your cooperation as we diligently work to process applications as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience. On behalf of the Kara Tutoring team, I wish you and your loved ones good health!