C-Level Team

The C-Level Team ensures that all components of this service are in check and also crafts plans for future growth.
All C-Level Team members are also tutors.

Adriana Goraieb, Lebanese

Chief Communications Officer

Hi! My name is Adriana, an incoming life sci student at the University of Toronto (hoping to get into med school later on). Joining Kara Tutoring in March 2020 allowed me to channel my passion for helping others and being a positive force in the community - it's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done! On another note, my hobbies include playing piano (and listening to classical music), reading fantasy novels, debating, and Netflix. Also I'm a cinnamon raisin bagel super-fan, and I love learning new languages!

Stanley Zhao, American

Chief Marketing Officer

Hi! My name is Stanley and I am a freshman at Vanderbilt University. I joined Kara Tutoring to share my passion for tutoring and helping the community. I am interested in discussing politics, playing the saxophone, and unsuccessfully dieting. I am passionate about immigration law, health care reform, and equal education opportunities.

Esraa Murad, Jordanian

Chief Operating Officer

Hey! My name is Esraa, and I'm passionate about the sciences, especially biology and chemistry. My love for these two sciences made me major in dentistry. I also enjoy debating, love to do sports (Tae Kwon Do), love to read, and most importantly watch Netflix. I really love helping people out, listening to their problems, and even finding solutions to their issues. That's why I decided to join Kara Tutoring!

Jared Lee, American

Chief Financial Officer

Hi! My name is Jared and I plan on studying biology at Tufts University. Besides my passion for the sciences, I enjoy art and being physically active. I love working at KT, as I truly believe in this organization's mission to level the playing field for achieving higher education. 

Manu Hegde, American

Chief Technology Officer

I am a Junior in high school in Massachusetts. Some of my hobbies include soccer and basketball, playing the alto saxophone, and reading. I'm interested in Computer Science and hope to pursue that in the future. Right now, I'm working on getting familiar with embedded systems. 


Katherine Forbes, American

Chief Information Officer

Hi! I’m Katherine, a high school senior in Houston, Texas. My hobbies include dancing, tennis, DECA, and playing the violin. In the future I hope to either major in business or the medical field, and I have a huge passion for learning! I’m super excited to be able to do something good for the community through this organization and I love being able to help others, whether it be tutoring for AP classes or SAT practice!


Dylan Nguyen, American

Chief of Staff

I am a Junior at a High School in Virginia. My interests include programming, cybersecurity, Linux, and computers. In my free time I find myself messing around with technology of all sorts. My current project is building an autonomous drone! In the future I hope to pursue a major in either Computer Science or Cyber Security.