Board of Directors

The board of directors ensures that the decisions made by the co-presidents are just and reasonable.
The chairman and 1 board member also contribute as tutors.


Martin Shih, Taiwanese

Chairman & Tutor

Hey, my name is Martin Shih and I graduated from Ruben S. Ayala High School. I currently serve as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Kara Tutoring. I have lived all over the world during my entire life in some of the following countries: Japan, Singapore, China, and the United States. Throughout this journey, I have witnessed students who cannot afford tutoring due to their financial circumstances and Kara Tutoring has given me the perfect opportunity to provide help in this regard.

Peer Versen

Peer Versen, German

Board Member

My name is Peer Versen and I am a first-year law student at the London School of Economics (LSE). Being passionate about law, I aim for the equality in chances for everyone — especially when it comes to education — due to the large impact this has on someone later in life. Hence, I love helping and increasing the chances of those who are less fortunate, possibly being a positive influence on their life. My other interests include mock trial club, day trading, soccer and floorball.


Gustav Teh, Taiwanese-American

Board Member

Hello, my name is Gustav and I graduated from the Singapore American School. I like playing Fortnite with the boys and watching Detroit sports. Being from an upper-middle-class family, I want to make sure that everybody has the resources to succeed and pursue what they want.

Juan Pablo Lopez Rojas, Mexican

Board Member

Graduated from the International School of Lausanne and former Co-President of Kara Tutoring. As someone who is passionate about business and leadership, I love being able to combine this interest with helping less fortunate individuals at the same time. Through Kara Tutoring, I hope that we help financially disadvantaged students achieve their full potential and get into their dream schools. As an F-1 visa holder, I stepped down as Co-President due to some of the F-1 visa limitations. Additionally, I want to allow younger team members to lead the organization in coming years. Lastly, I am a freshman in the World Bachelor in Business program at USC, HKUST, and Bocconi University. This year I am attending the University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business.


Madison Ramos, American

Board Member & Tutor

Hello! I’m Maddie, a freshman majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science at Caltech. I also volunteer as a tutor. As someone who is passionate about computers and teaching, I love that modern-day technology allows us to provide free online tutoring to everyone, everywhere. The score gap between students who can and cannot afford tutoring is immense, and I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to play even a minute role in leveling the playing field. Moving forward, I hope to continue to serve underprivileged students.


The advisors assists the board of directors in making decisions and suggests improvements to the organization.

Gabriel Tomitsuka, German/Brazilian

Senior Advisor

I joined to help Kara Tutoring support as many students as possible! I have work experience in marketing, business, technology and finance. I was born in Brazil, am a first-year college student in Germany and studied in the US for a semester.



Abhishek Mishra, Indian

Senior Strategic Advisor

My name is Abhishek Mishra. I am a freshman in college, studying aeronautical engineering. Previously, I was the Chief Marketing Officer at Kara Tutoring. I’m happy to help individuals especially when a little help can go a long way!



Tim Zhai, Chinese

Senior Strategic Advisor & Tutor

My name is Tim and I am freshman majoring in History at Pomona College. I joined Kara Tutoring because I wanted to help people get to where they want to be. I feel blessed to have what I have and I feel like it’s my responsibility to give back. Oh, and I also like sports and video games.