Why Kara Tutoring?

High Scoring Tutors

Our tutors have performed exceptionally well in the exams that they tutor. All of our tutors have met or exceeded our minimum requirements to become a tutor. We set an extremely high bar for our tutor applicants, ensuring that we only put our students in the most-qualified hands.

Free for Financially Disadvantaged Students

Our goal is to provide free tutoring to financially disadvantaged students, giving them access to the education that they could not have received otherwise.  We do not charge for any of our sessions, nor do we ask   for any payment information.

Run by Students

This 501(c)(3) is student-run, and our tutors are students who have taken these subjects and/or exams very recently and have a strong understanding of the content. We believe that connecting students with tutors allows for the cultivation of meaningful relationships and lasting, impactful experiences.


Through George's assistance in the months later, I was able to reach my dream score of 1530 in December! I am sure it wouldn't have been possible without the help of George and the Kara Tutoring team.

- Ehsanullah Kaamil - Afghanistan (600+ Point SAT Improvement)


Getting above 1000 was difficult for me. As time went on, my tutor, Martin, taught me everything I needed to know in the SAT. I started getting above a 1000 and was very happy. Kara Tutoring is an amazing group that has allowed me, a financially disadvantaged student, to reach the score of 1400+ on my final test in December of 2019.

- Afoakwa Junior - Ghana (400+ Point SAT Improvement)

Interested in joining our team?

There are many benefits to becoming a tutor for Kara Tutoring: work with an intelligent community of fellow tutors, gain valuable volunteer tutoring experience, and help level the playing field for financially disadvantaged students by passing on knowledge in a subject you’ve mastered.

Also, Kara Tutoring is now a certified organization for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, a prestigious award bestowed by the President of the United States to honor the most outstanding volunteers and their service, and can administer this honor to our volunteers!

Help Support Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Kara Tutoring relies on the generosity of donors and fundraising to fund all of our operating costs. By donating to our organization, you are helping us expand our global reach and serve more underprivileged students around the globe.