Managers work with the C-Level Team to fulfill specific objectives, and all managers are also tutors.


Daniel Perelman, American

Tutoring Manager - Midwest & Website Maintainer

Hey! My name is Daniel Perelman. I’m currently in 11th grade and I live in the Midwest in the U.S.A. I like studying physics and political science, but I also have a passion for public service. I think Kara Tutoring will be a great way to give back to the community.

Dana Al-Taher, Jordanian

Tutoring Manager - Middle East & Central Asia

Hi! My name is Dana and I’m from Jordan. I am a very passionate learner, especially when it comes to math and computer science, so I plan on majoring in computer engineering in hopes of developing new technologies in the future. Besides that, I enjoy meeting new people, playing sports (I even played for Jordan’s National Volleyball Team for a year), reading, learning Spanish, and watching TV shows in my free time. I also believe one’s social responsibility towards their community, and so I hope that my work at Kara Tutoring makes a difference for those who need help.


Natasha Lal, American

Tutoring Manager - Bay Area

Hi! I'm Natasha, a high school junior. I love STEM and Language Arts, and I'm passionate about using my skills and knowledge to help those who need it.


Nathan Rubin, American

Manager of Diversity & Wellness

Hi! I’m Nathan and I’m a high school student in South Carolina, where I see a lot of social inequality and bullying. Hopefully, through Kara Tutoring, I can make a difference to kick-start a more accepting world. I’m interested in pursuing law in college and hope to target areas like the education system and criminal justice system. In my free time, I love to read, write, sing, volunteer, and hang out with friends.

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Hala Osman, Egyptian

Tutoring Manager - Europe

My name is Hala Osman. I'm currently in 12th grade and live in Scotland. I'm an outgoing and dedicated math tutor. Through this service, I get to develop both intellectually and personally. I love inspiring and getting inspired equally, as well as seeing much of the impact that this has on others’ growth, confidence and future success!!!

Sanika Khare, Indian

Tutoring Manager - South Asia 1

Hi! I'm Sanika a current high school student from India. I love meeting new people and learning from the experiences they share. With Kara Tutoring, I am able to learn from every conversation while providing my students with the opportunity to achieve holistic self-development. In my free time, you can find me reading the news, learning new economics/business concepts, or just hanging out with my friends.


Amy Zhong, Chinese

Tutoring Manager - Southern California

My name is Amy Zhong and I'm currently a junior studying in the U.S. My interests include computer science and economics. I love doing community service and especially tutoring, which is why I decided to join Kara Tutoring. I understand the impact of a student's socioeconomic status on their standardized test scores, so I want to be a part of reducing this gap.


Jason Haas, American

Senior Executive of Culture

Hi, my name is Jason and I recently graduated high school in California. Previously, I was the Chief Operating Officer. In addition to being the Senior Executive of Culture, I also tutor the SAT and some AP subjects. My fields of interest include biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

Jiho Son, South Korean

Tutoring Manager - Africa

Hi! i am Jiho Son and I'm a junior (11th grade) living in Nairobi, Kenya. I tutor IB maths analysis. I play a piano, clarinet, and also rap! I hope to work with any student willing to learn.


Pranav Guntupalli, Indian

Tutoring Manager - South Asia 2

Hi! Im Pranav Guntupalli and I live in Bangalore, India. I am a Junior in IB and I want to major in Economics and/or Government. I'm a huge politics geek and I frequently write for my school paper. I usually pass time either playing squash or watching classic sitcoms.


Tzu-Chuan (Oscar) Weng, Taiwanese-American

Tutoring Manager - East Asia

Hi! I’m Oscar Weng, currently a senior at Taoyuan Wuling Senior High. I love baseball, books, movies and great music. I hope that we can make a difference, no matter how slight, for those who may be disadvantaged.

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Minseong Kim, Korean

Tutoring Manager - Eastern North America

Hi! My name is Minseong Kim, but most people call me Kevin. I go to Troy High School. I’m passionate about economics, accounting, track and field, and I also play the clarinet.


Lavanya Gupta, American

YouTube Manager

Hi! My name’s Lavanya and I’m a sophomore at a public high school in North Carolina. I’m passionate about biology, math, theater, and napping. I am thrilled to help others as part of the Kara Tutoring team!