The Co-Presidents oversee all components of Kara Tutoring and are also tutors.

Geenie Chiravanich, American

CEO & Co-President - Operations

My name is Geenie Chiravanich, and I am a Co-President of Kara Tutoring. I am Korean, Thai, and Chinese, but I’ve lived in the US my whole life. While visiting various different countries, I’ve seen many motivated kids with a lot of potential that simply lack the academic and social support that many of us receive. Through this platform, I genuinely wish to lift students up, enough for them to independently thrive and succeed.

Daewon Kwon, Korean

Co-President - Academics

Hello everyone! My name is Daewon Kwon and I am a high school senior in California. I have a wide range of activities I love, like tutoring, playing guitar (usually alone, although I do like bands), and researching neuropsych. If you're considering joining Kara Tutoring, just do it! It's as fun as it seems.