These are members of our team who contribute in other ways besides tutoring.


Ehsanullah Kaamil, Afghan

Manager of Wellness

My name is Ehsan Kaamil, and I am the Manager of Wellness at Kara Tutoring, which ensures that all students and tutors are satisfied with our services. I am a college student who is passionate about software and AI. I love meeting new people from all around the world and learning about their lives and backgrounds.


Shyngys Shynbolatov, Kazakh

Graphic Designer

I am an open-minded senior at a high school in Kazakhstan. I am intellectually curious about Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. I love music, especially rap & classics. My body can't just stand still when I listen to my favourite music. I consider myself a creative leader in my activities, specifically in project management and basketball.


Lucas Chu, American

Fair Opportunity Project Liaison

I’m a student at Harvard studying statistics. I’m involved in dozens of organizations, so feel free to contact me about anything extracurricular.